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"A GARDENER’S BALLAD'': Sportmax SS24 Runway Show
Is there a future without acknowledgement of the past? The Sportmax Spring-Summer 2024 Runway Show reflects on the nature of change. Evokes a future suspended between natural and artificial, science and art. A dystopian world, where the naturalness around us can only be preserved artificially.

In this aseptic nature, white comes to life in all shades, enlivened by acidic and delicate hues of artificial flowers. Structured and padded materials alternate between various degrees of glossy satins, PVC and sheer transparency.

Control and abstraction. Purity and contrast. The balance of opposites finds resonance in Japanese aesthetics.The rigor of geometric silhouettes collides with the asymmetries found in nature, hovering between predominant detail and minimal couture-like sophistication.

A futuristic poetics based on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.
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