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Sportmax SS24 Campaign

Photographer Mario Sorrenti captures the contrasting essence of the Sportmax Spring-Summer 2024 collection. A perfect dichotomy oscillating between control and abstraction, purity and contrast.
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Jackets and blazers ACACIA1234 Skirts ACETI1234
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Dresses and Jumpsuits ADITO1234
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Dresses and Jumpsuits VETRO
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Tops and T-shirts CESARE Skirts ADELCHI1234
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Rigorous geometric silhouettes, painted in aseptic white, collide with soft shades and bold transparencies in a perpetual quest for balance
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Shirts and Blouses CANNETI Skirts TURCHIA Shoes EPICA
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Sportmax SS24 Runway Show
See all the looks from the Sportmax Spring-Summer 2024 runway show